Roobokart is the self-driving vehicle that moves along the streets of Roobopoli

The basic mission of the Roobokart consists in moving independently on the roads of Roobopoli, remaining in its own lane, reading the horizontal road signs indicating the type of intersection, respecting the traffic light, stopping at the red color and passing with the green, and crossing the intersections choosing randomly the path to take. Finally the Roobokart will have to stop in the presence of an obstacle and start again if the obstacle is removed.

The Roobokart is controlled with a STM32 microcontroller mounted on a Nucleo F401RE card which, through dedicated connectors, is connected to a motherboard that includes the sensors used by the Roobokart to carry out its mission.

The Roobokart, is equipped with accelerometers and gyroscope, infrared sensors, color sensor and proximity ToF.

The microcontroller code is an Open Source project and can be freely downloaded from the archive:

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The Roobokart kit can be purchased from Bluenet