Perlatecnica is a non-profit association for the dissemination of digital culture that carries out activities of promotion and social utility. Perlatecnica volunteers work and conduct their research to enrich and share their knowledge through diverse dissemination activities. These are provided in the form of seminars, public speeches at various events, courses and also through the development of specific programmes, such as the computational thinking dissemination program. Perlatenica is accredited “Digital Unify Lab” by the STMicroelectronics Foundation on behalf of which organizes free computer literacy courses, and has also received Coder Dojo accreditation from the Eponymous Foundation, on behalf of which organizes free events for children, aimed at teaching the fundamentals of programming through a language with primitive visuals.

Bluenet is an innovative startup based in Italy and Singapore, Official Authorized Partner of STMicroelectronics. It operates in the fields of information technology and electronics. Roobopoli is the ideal project to bring students closer to complex themes, learning and at the same time having fun. Bluenet makes the Roobopolis and Roobokart kits, ready to be assembled and programmed.