The RooboLeague is the official match of the Roobopoli® project.

This is announced once a year by the organizing committee, made up of the non-profit association Perlatecnica and the Bluenet Srl company.

The venue of the competition, the program and the specific Regulations are communicated at the opening of registrations.

The race consists of three main challenges:

  • Race in the city”;
  • Team achievements”;
  • Problem solving”.

Race in the city

This challenge aims to verify the team’s skills in programming the smart city systems proposed in the project and takes place in a standard competition City-Roobopoli.

The challenge consists in the implementation of the challenge proposed annually and published in the specific regulation of each race.

The teams will have to work in their own Institute and show up on the day set for the RooboLeague with their official system, functioning and with the mission required by the challenge implemented.

Team achievements

This challenge aims to verify teamwork and consists of:

  • in the solution of a cooperation exercise described in the tender;
  • the description of the code implemented for the smart city system in the “Race in the city” challenge;
  • a motivational interview with the judges.

Problem solving

This challenge consists in presenting a solution to a problem related to a theme proposed annually for RooboLeague.

The teams will have to present a problem related to the topic and a proposed solution implemented with a system based on microcontroller.

The presentation of the solution can be supported in any way, video, power point, model, real system in demo version.

The teams will have to work in their own Institute and present themselves on the day fixed for the RooboLeague with the presentation material in the chosen format.