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The internship of Valentina Ferrigno and Alessandro Venturino has ended, supported by Professors Raffaele Iervolino, Adriano Mele and Annalisa Liccardo of the University of Naples “Federico II”, they discussed their three-year degree thesis in computer engineering, presenting the work done within the Roobopoli project.

Valentina developed the vehicle control for following a trajectory using a PID algorithm that she calibrated after modeling the Roobokart transfer function. These are his words: “I am very satisfied with the experience I have had in recent months. Developing control algorithms, and being able to experiment with them by “touching” the effects, allowed me to gain greater awareness and fascinated me even more, encouraging me to achieve the set goals “

Alessandro Alessandro, on the other hand, dealing with Safety, has developed two ADAS systems for Roobokart, the Adaptive Cruise Control and the Autonomous Emergency Braking System. “I have always been passionate about robotics, and autonomous driving is a current topic that I hope to be able to deal with in the future after earning my master’s degree. In recent months I have had the opportunity to learn how to program the STM32 microcontroller and to know the STMicroelectronics technologies that the Roobokart is equipped with. I am sure that I will be able to add this experience to my curriculum “.

The code developed by Valentina and Alessandro will be integrated into the new software architecture that will be released by the end of 2021.

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