Do you want to become a Roobopoli trainer able to enhance the project and propose it independently to schools and institutions interested in adopting it?

The official Roobopoli trainers are allowed to hold training courses for students, proposing the project to the schools concerned.

They receive:

  • a certificate;
  • the official teaching material;
  • the inclusion in the list of accredited trainers, published on the website;
  • the inclusion in the forum for the trainers;
  • the unlimited free upgrade of educational materials;
  • l’attestato personalizzato per tutti gli studenti formati
  • custom certificate for all trained students

The accreditation

In order to ensure that schools train with high quality standards, the trainer test is required to gain accreditation.

How to prepare for the certification test?

there are two options:

Option 1: Prepare for yourself

For this purpose, a “RooboTrainer” Kit has been set up, consisting of:

  • Roobokart kit with operating manual, which describes the code issued with the Open Source license
  • Roobopoli – Kit Demo

The purchase of the “RooboTrainer” kit allows the trainer to prepare independently, take the test, and become an official trainer.

Option 2: Take a 12-hour training course for trainers

The course is intended to provide the trainer with:

  • appropriate tools for effective project promotion;;
  • educational tools;
  • the skills needed to teach courses at schools.

Accrediting yourself as a company

Companies can obtain accreditation for their trainers incurring the costs of the training course or the RooboTrainer Kit and the test. The certification, even if it is a name belongs to the Company that will be able to request the removal of its trainers from the official list.