“Roobopoli ™ is a project that aims to create an educational experience in the field of smart-cities, smart-industries and smart grids, and is developed by the non-profit association Perlatecnica with the technical support of Bluenet

The mission of the project is to promote the understanding, development and experimentation in scale of new communication technologies, mobility, environmental protection and energy efficiency, automation technologies in industry 4.0.

Roobopoli is a tiny smart city, a miniature city, where the life of the inhabitants called Roobo, is assisted by modern technologies, the same available in real cities, but reproduced in scale for educational, testing and simulation purposes.

As part of the Roobopoli project, one of the main activities consists in the construction and programming of vehichles called Roobokart, which will have to move independently on the roads of Roobopoli.

The project ensures an educational experience for learning about robotics and the programming of new-generation microcontrollers, which will be included in the context of the STEAM disciplines, addressing a current theme, that of autonomous driving vehichles and smart cities.

The Roobokart and the city are equipped with advanced sensors, and boards based on STMicroelectronics controllers, which, together with other instruments used, constitute a laboratory useful for experimenting with what has been learned in class form books.

Students involved in the Roobopoli project, manage the design and implementation of a smart city by learning to use STMicroelectronics technologies that are actually used for this type of application. This promotes theri training and the development of real skills, bringing them closer to the world of work in a fashinatin, innovative and current context, but also fun